Saturday, September 22, 2012

Randomness: What I love on TV right now

OK Guys so lately my weekends have been a bit empty and that's given me alot of free time, and what do I do with extra free time on my hands? I waste it with tv of course!!! So here are the ones I have I have been really into lately 

5. New girl
I really love Zooey Deschanel. I love her style I like her movie but I adore her newest TV show New Girl. What I really love love love about Jess( Zooey character) Is her personalty it's awkward it's happy it's quirky  it silly it's sing-songy it just so related for me because I because I share so many of the same traits. The show is just a all around fun show

Ok first of all I know I am kinda to young to be thinking this about guys there age but can anyone agree with me in saying that Misha Collins(Castiel) and Jensen Akles (Dean) are ridiculously hot?, but that's only a bonus to the show. Supernatural is a American tv show that stars Dean and Sam Winchester who are professional monster hunters in a sense. Alot of the stuff they deal with is religious monsters/Gods or biblical creatures like currently the main villains of the show are Leviathans (biblical sea monsters).  If you can check it out, however it's defiantly a little bit gory though

3. MTV's Awkward 
I love there portrayal of high school on this show. I feel like I can say its some what true to the experience of sophomore year (me being a sophomore in high school right now  I should know) however it is a bit more dramatic then real life. The story centers around Jenna Hamilton a who we follow through surviving a misunderstood suicide scandal, her relationship with a guy who is too ashamed to formally out them as a couple, and a sociopathic mean girl who's goal is to ruin her life. I really love this show for two reasons, 1. I really sympathize with Jenna I can really relate to her character. 2. Jenna's friends!  Tamarra and Ming make the show especially Tamarra's  lingo! I found my self saying DTR to a friend because of her the other day. I also really like Ming because one of my best friends are alot like her and the Asian mafia thing is hilarious!

 I found this randomly on the channel Logo I normally only go there to see Buffy the vampire slayer because that's always on there but Misfits was on there instead so I gave it a try and OMG guys I am glad I did! Misfits is a British tv show about these juvenile delinquents that get superpowers  in a storm. The shows a bit rancy but I love it to bits I am on season 2 right now and those of you Americans or what ever country you are you should be able to get Misfits on ITunes if you can't find it on tv,it's worth the money trust me!

1. Doctor Mother Freaking Who!!!

I love doctor who so much it's honestly an unhealthy obsession. I first watched from the 9th doctor too the 11th (that's the current one if you didn't know.)
but I watched a couple of episodes of the 8th, 7th and 6th doctors on Netflix.
Doctor who is a British TV show about a Alien time traveller from the planet of Gallifrey who is the last of his kind: a Timelord the show started in the 70's took a break sometime I think late 80's then aired again in the 2000's. What really drew me to this show was the sheer creativeness and diverseness of it. I honestly think because it covers so many genres ( Horror, Syfy, comedy, Drama, a bit of romance sometimes) it covers a lot of audiences across the world.

Ok so thats my bit of randomness for the week next post will probably be a nail tutorial or a homecoming dress or a thrift store haul

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