Monday, September 17, 2012

Mirror/ Holographic collar

I have been working on this shirt on and off for a couple weeks now. I told you guys that the shirt that I posted wasn't quiet done yet but now it is here is the result on the collar part
This collar was inspired by this blogger from Singapore Lenne who's collar I randomly found searching the web. After trying (and miserably failing) to find the right CD for the project It dawned on me to use the CD's that didn't work in my collar. So for this DIY just use what you get and from  the CD's you find and make your collar however you want

For this DIY you will need
2/3 CD
Boiling hot water
a container
Fabric glue
something to grab the withCD ( tongs, a stick,a thick cloth ect)

1. Boil some water
2. Put CD in container
3. Fill with hot water 
4. Now here's the fun part in 2 mins take the CD out and cut it until you reach that shiny circle that surrounds the hole and then (If you can) split the CD in half. Now when I say CD I don't mean the paint on it. It will come appart like literally you should get two pieces of plastic CD
5. Now at this point 1 of the 5 will happen to you. You will either get;

A. Purple tinted CD Piece

B. A semi clear CD Piece

C. the CD will split and you will be stuck with a beautiful holographic mirror slightly thinner CD Peice (this never happen to me hopefully you will have better luck!)

D. Nothing will happen. At all.


6. Cut the CDs in to triangular peices and arrange them however you like on the collar. Have fun with it!

7. Once you know where you want the pieces to go use your fabric glue to glue it down. Then let it dry.

 Then Voila  you have a epic mirror collar!


  1. Hey! This looks so cool and affective; nice blog!Just followed :) :)

    1. aww thanks I like your blog too if you like embelished collars then you will like one of the next posts.

  2. Wow this is such a smart idea! Love it =]

    1. aww thanks I really ow most of the credit to Lenne she's the one who inspired me

  3. Good idea, oh yes, i will be trying it as soon as possible.