Saturday, September 29, 2012

Randomness: Shoes, shoes and more shoes

Oh hello lovely blog I feel like it's been so long so much to tell you! Lately my life has revolved around shoes I went on a hunt today to find homecoming shoes after around 8 hours of searching I found them! they will be posted when I do my homecoming post when I am totally decked out and you can see me in my dress which has not arrived in the mail yet :(  but here is a pic from the site----->
 Also I had this crazy idea to make Hermes inspired converse I don't know how I am going to make the winged part of his's shoes but I saw some tutorials on tumbler that I might start with. I already spray painted my converses gold all they need now is some wings. I kind want them to look Percy Jackson meets the ancient Greek god hermes esque it will be epic I promise!
I also bought some new brown and blue oxfords from restricted  they are rediculously beautiful I love how classic they look I have so many idea's on how to pair these bad boys

So you buy any cool shoes lately?

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