Saturday, September 29, 2012

Randomness: Shoes, shoes and more shoes

Oh hello lovely blog I feel like it's been so long so much to tell you! Lately my life has revolved around shoes I went on a hunt today to find homecoming shoes after around 8 hours of searching I found them! they will be posted when I do my homecoming post when I am totally decked out and you can see me in my dress which has not arrived in the mail yet :(  but here is a pic from the site----->
 Also I had this crazy idea to make Hermes inspired converse I don't know how I am going to make the winged part of his's shoes but I saw some tutorials on tumbler that I might start with. I already spray painted my converses gold all they need now is some wings. I kind want them to look Percy Jackson meets the ancient Greek god hermes esque it will be epic I promise!
I also bought some new brown and blue oxfords from restricted  they are rediculously beautiful I love how classic they look I have so many idea's on how to pair these bad boys

So you buy any cool shoes lately?

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Homecoming accesories 2

So which is you favorite?

Homecoming accessories

Homecoming is coming up in a couple weeks I am going solo but I still am planning on looking good here are two sets of accessories I am looking at the second of which is in the next post

Homecoming accessories

Creeper shoes

Chain necklace

Vintage jewelry

Ear cuff jewelry

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Randomness: What I love on TV right now

OK Guys so lately my weekends have been a bit empty and that's given me alot of free time, and what do I do with extra free time on my hands? I waste it with tv of course!!! So here are the ones I have I have been really into lately 

5. New girl
I really love Zooey Deschanel. I love her style I like her movie but I adore her newest TV show New Girl. What I really love love love about Jess( Zooey character) Is her personalty it's awkward it's happy it's quirky  it silly it's sing-songy it just so related for me because I because I share so many of the same traits. The show is just a all around fun show

Ok first of all I know I am kinda to young to be thinking this about guys there age but can anyone agree with me in saying that Misha Collins(Castiel) and Jensen Akles (Dean) are ridiculously hot?, but that's only a bonus to the show. Supernatural is a American tv show that stars Dean and Sam Winchester who are professional monster hunters in a sense. Alot of the stuff they deal with is religious monsters/Gods or biblical creatures like currently the main villains of the show are Leviathans (biblical sea monsters).  If you can check it out, however it's defiantly a little bit gory though

3. MTV's Awkward 
I love there portrayal of high school on this show. I feel like I can say its some what true to the experience of sophomore year (me being a sophomore in high school right now  I should know) however it is a bit more dramatic then real life. The story centers around Jenna Hamilton a who we follow through surviving a misunderstood suicide scandal, her relationship with a guy who is too ashamed to formally out them as a couple, and a sociopathic mean girl who's goal is to ruin her life. I really love this show for two reasons, 1. I really sympathize with Jenna I can really relate to her character. 2. Jenna's friends!  Tamarra and Ming make the show especially Tamarra's  lingo! I found my self saying DTR to a friend because of her the other day. I also really like Ming because one of my best friends are alot like her and the Asian mafia thing is hilarious!

 I found this randomly on the channel Logo I normally only go there to see Buffy the vampire slayer because that's always on there but Misfits was on there instead so I gave it a try and OMG guys I am glad I did! Misfits is a British tv show about these juvenile delinquents that get superpowers  in a storm. The shows a bit rancy but I love it to bits I am on season 2 right now and those of you Americans or what ever country you are you should be able to get Misfits on ITunes if you can't find it on tv,it's worth the money trust me!

1. Doctor Mother Freaking Who!!!

I love doctor who so much it's honestly an unhealthy obsession. I first watched from the 9th doctor too the 11th (that's the current one if you didn't know.)
but I watched a couple of episodes of the 8th, 7th and 6th doctors on Netflix.
Doctor who is a British TV show about a Alien time traveller from the planet of Gallifrey who is the last of his kind: a Timelord the show started in the 70's took a break sometime I think late 80's then aired again in the 2000's. What really drew me to this show was the sheer creativeness and diverseness of it. I honestly think because it covers so many genres ( Horror, Syfy, comedy, Drama, a bit of romance sometimes) it covers a lot of audiences across the world.

Ok so thats my bit of randomness for the week next post will probably be a nail tutorial or a homecoming dress or a thrift store haul

Monday, September 17, 2012

Mirror/ Holographic collar

I have been working on this shirt on and off for a couple weeks now. I told you guys that the shirt that I posted wasn't quiet done yet but now it is here is the result on the collar part
This collar was inspired by this blogger from Singapore Lenne who's collar I randomly found searching the web. After trying (and miserably failing) to find the right CD for the project It dawned on me to use the CD's that didn't work in my collar. So for this DIY just use what you get and from  the CD's you find and make your collar however you want

For this DIY you will need
2/3 CD
Boiling hot water
a container
Fabric glue
something to grab the withCD ( tongs, a stick,a thick cloth ect)

1. Boil some water
2. Put CD in container
3. Fill with hot water 
4. Now here's the fun part in 2 mins take the CD out and cut it until you reach that shiny circle that surrounds the hole and then (If you can) split the CD in half. Now when I say CD I don't mean the paint on it. It will come appart like literally you should get two pieces of plastic CD
5. Now at this point 1 of the 5 will happen to you. You will either get;

A. Purple tinted CD Piece

B. A semi clear CD Piece

C. the CD will split and you will be stuck with a beautiful holographic mirror slightly thinner CD Peice (this never happen to me hopefully you will have better luck!)

D. Nothing will happen. At all.


6. Cut the CDs in to triangular peices and arrange them however you like on the collar. Have fun with it!

7. Once you know where you want the pieces to go use your fabric glue to glue it down. Then let it dry.

 Then Voila  you have a epic mirror collar!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Dip Dye Collared Shirt

So this Diy is something I started spurr of moment last night. I bought this collared shirt the other day because well honestly I was pressured by my grandmother to buy it but I thought it was boring so I bought some teal rit dye and took the collar and cuffs of the shirt and dyed it. I really like the result so far but it is still a work in progress because I plan on adding to the collar.



I know the lightings bad but you get the gist, promise I will get better!

What you will need 
Teal rit dye 
A shirt
A stove
Tin foil
A big pot

1.  Ok so first you want to fill a big pot with water then you want to put the water on simmer 
2. Put your shirt in the water then take it out
3. Put the approate amount of dye in. I used about a third a bottle of rit dye in a collared greens pot but if you want exact measurements and stuff the rite dye site is a good place to start
4. Go to the parts of the shirt you want to dye at the part you want the dye to stop wrap tin foil around it and rest that tin foil part on the rim of the pot
5.Stir for 30 mins
6. Take it out of the dye bath and rinse it with warm water gradually make it colder till the the water runs clear
7. Let it dry 
 Then Viola you get a epic dip dye shirt!


Well hello there
I guess this is the part were I introduce myself tell you what this blogs about and bore you with a life story about how I have always wanted a blog or something right? Because I have no clue what to do for this and I don't know you( you all?) yet so we have to go through an awkward introduction. Ok so here it goes
I created this blog so I could talk about crap, think of this place as a diary  of mine or a fashion look-book or a mindless jumble of mess. You might see on this blog fashion, diys, YouTube video favorites, book favorites, nail tutorials, favorite things and random crap that's on my mind.
Why make a blog?
What else is there to do at two in the morning?
Well that's it right
Oh wait I forgot the name part right?
Well my names Simone, well at least you can call me that.