Sunday, September 23, 2012

Homecoming accessories

Homecoming is coming up in a couple weeks I am going solo but I still am planning on looking good here are two sets of accessories I am looking at the second of which is in the next post

Homecoming accessories

Creeper shoes

Chain necklace

Vintage jewelry

Ear cuff jewelry


  1. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog..:)
    I love this access 2 ...but I would prefer the shoes in access 1 because of the ankle buckle ..I think ankle buckle shoes would be a better with such dress...hope this helps :)

    1. Thank you so much for commenting
      I actually prefer this set to but and I agree with you on the ankle strap thing... I have been looking for a pair with a strap like that forever for flats. But I am partial to the creepers because I don't wear heels and I feel like I could get away with thenm in a dressy look for school wheres as I will probably wear the other ones alot less often but I bought a high low dress that I am not sure goes with either shoe so I am getting a bit nervous to what shoes to wear. My next post will probably be about my shoe dilemma

  2. Super cute accerories!! thanks for the comment on my blog im following you now hope you do the same :)