Monday, September 3, 2012

Dip Dye Collared Shirt

So this Diy is something I started spurr of moment last night. I bought this collared shirt the other day because well honestly I was pressured by my grandmother to buy it but I thought it was boring so I bought some teal rit dye and took the collar and cuffs of the shirt and dyed it. I really like the result so far but it is still a work in progress because I plan on adding to the collar.



I know the lightings bad but you get the gist, promise I will get better!

What you will need 
Teal rit dye 
A shirt
A stove
Tin foil
A big pot

1.  Ok so first you want to fill a big pot with water then you want to put the water on simmer 
2. Put your shirt in the water then take it out
3. Put the approate amount of dye in. I used about a third a bottle of rit dye in a collared greens pot but if you want exact measurements and stuff the rite dye site is a good place to start
4. Go to the parts of the shirt you want to dye at the part you want the dye to stop wrap tin foil around it and rest that tin foil part on the rim of the pot
5.Stir for 30 mins
6. Take it out of the dye bath and rinse it with warm water gradually make it colder till the the water runs clear
7. Let it dry 
 Then Viola you get a epic dip dye shirt!

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