Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Bath and Body products

Hello readers sorry its been forever since I posted anything. I have so many posts to write and such little time! I have a DIY and some hauls and a review to write, but for now we are talking about body care. I have recently gotten really really into into body products mostly my face generally doesn't have really bad issues I don't get the nasty bouts of acne a lot of teens suffer from. (all though I am getting these really large pores that I don't know what to do with) but my body is a totally diffrent story. These are the products I use when ever I shower or take a bath.

Body Clear Body Wash by Neutrogena
This is one of the only drugstore products on the market for body acne. I don't have extreme body acne but I get it frequently around my back and shoulders. I like this because of its feminine smell, the fact that it doesn't leave behind any weird residue and that this stuff works. I mean I still get break outs but like its a lot more rare then it use to be.

Cortizone 10 Intensive Healing Lotion
I use this all the time in the winter were ever I am dry. This is not only for Ezema but it works really well on dry irritated skin

Johnson's baby bubble bath and wash
Nothing bubbles up like this. I promise you the amount of bubbles you get from this is ridiculous nothing is better.
Each peach massage bar
This is one of the many message bars you can get at lush. As much as I love this message bar it does not really really smell like peach. It smells strongly of a fresh lemon zest but its not a bad smell although I am not completely sold on the smell I love what it does. I use this after my body butter all over. It seals in moisture and replenishes natural body oils you lose it the shower its just great. I love this message bar.

The holiday cranberry body butter
Any body butter from the body shop is amazing. They make you skin feel like silk.
They are a must have. You can't get this sent anymore but I highly recommend the mango, the peach, the vanilla, and the coconut scents. You can buy this at the body shop

The Coconut Body Scrub
I use this on my heels knees and elbows. It's relatively mild so it your looking for a good hard exfoliant I don't suggest it. But my skin is a bit sensitive so it works out great. You can also buy it at the body shop

Glette Daisy
This is thecheapest razor availble at my walgreens. What I like about his is that you get pretty good quality for the cheap price and you get a good amount, but i am not that finicky about my razors.