Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Not green. The manicure of the week

I kept seeing mani of the week posts all over the blogosphere Monday and since my nails look decent this week I decided to post my mani this week too.

Sometimes I wonder how much education is required to be a nail polish color namer for Essie because seriously Essie, Da Bush? thats the best you could come up with?

The birds are Ed hardy nail tattoo's if you were wondering 

I like this color because i don't  know what color it is. And I am not a big fan of the color green.This works for me because its kinda of an odd  muted blue grey green which I like a lot because i like muted colors and this ones really interesting to me because it is so odd. The only thing i can really say about the color is it just shy of being green. 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Pre-Chistmas continued on Thanksgiving?!?!

I decided to go with the platform combat boots for my pre Christmas present
They came yesterday.
I opened the box early this morning.I am not quite sure I will keep them yet though because of a couple things.
The shoes are more of a beige color with pinky undertones instead of the pink I wanted
The Platforms are a bit tall.
The vinyl wrinkles a bit.
I can't wear them to school
not super practical
Really easy to walk In
The zipper on the side to make it easy getting out
Easily the most interesting shoe in my closet
There really shiny
Vaguely remind me of the shoes from the 70's

So what do you think should I return them for that purple dress in the last post?

Oh and the Results for the Fashion and Music Post are.......

( I added the votes in the comments + my own because for some reason those would not register)

Friday, November 16, 2012



Happy Pre- Christmas Guys hope you are all ejoying yourselfs!
What you don't know what Pre-Christmas is?
Well your Missing out!!!

Pre-Christmas Is the best holiday thats not a holiday ever( I made it up). The premiss of Pre-Christmas is to is to spend every cent you have on stuff but hears the bst part you spend it on crap for youself!!!!! Yayay!!!
So this year I am spending all of whats left of my money (65$ give or take a dollar) on Modcloth.I like to do Pre christmas over internet shopping so when it comes I get the excitement of opening the box( just like the real Christmas). But anyway I have been torn between these 3 things I think know what I am getting now but i would love to know your Favorite one! or make a Guess to which one I got.

Oh and don't forget if you havn't voted in the Fashion and Music Post do It! Go do it Now! there are only 6 days left!!!
Merry Pre- Chistmas


Tech accessory

New Arrivals

Thursday, November 15, 2012

School OTD: Self confidence and Ed Sheeran

So I was looking through some of my followers blogs and I saw this one post by Lali pops of colour that really inspired me to add a pop of neon color to my oufit which mainly consists of fall dark, neutrals (sometimes a pastel or jewel tone) all year long so I dug up these gorgeous pair of neon blue by HUE tights out if the depths of my draw s  and put this together.

Anyway I was really proud of this outfit but then I was hanging out with my friends during a free period and all of a sudden they just started judging my outfit. Like they were like what's with the tights I never really was never into color blocking ( she didn't know what she was talking about color blocking requires more then one pop of color and I was wearing a patterned dress so that's not color blocking...) and then they told me try losing the jacket and it was all just super rule and weird because a they and a lot of other people had complimented me on the outfit all day. But anyway I felt really bad about what I was wearing for the rest of the day till I realized that I can't take other people's opinions too seriously and I have to learn to have confidence in my choices and in my self.

This is a song by Ed Sheeran it's kinda old but we don't hear much about him in the US so he's new too me.
What I like about this a lot is his style of rap ( can you call it rap?) and his voice, and that note that he hits when he says loooove and his beer-drinking cat and his... Ok you get the point, enjoy
Ps. Is that cat attacking Robert Sheehan?!?!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Day I'll Remeber

A Day I'll Remeber
Ok so first of all I want to remind you if you already didn't know about it to vote in the fashion and music post your vote in the comments!!!!

Now back to the outfit post. I know what your thinking, your all thinking " Jesus Christ Simone quit going to parties I am sick of your fancy dress posts." Lucky for you guys this will be mostly likely the last fancy outfit you will see probably till April or May and this party is DEFINITELY something you have to blog about.

Ok my friend was lucky enough to win a HUGE Quinceanera Via Verizon Wireless it was huge it was actually mentioned on Yahoo's website, the channel 10 news and People magazine's website (sorry I could not find the People magazine link).
So anyway in short I was going to the party of the year. And if you read my homecoming recap you know that the dress I bought was not fit for jumping and dancing. So LITERALLY the day of the party I had to rush it to Macy's to find a dress for the party which was had because at Quinceanera's wedding rules apply, you can't wear the same color dress or upstage the birthday girl in anyway.
So I am at Macy's and I am flipping through dresses and over the intercom the lady says something about bra's and then says "all those here too see THE READY SET preform go to the 3rd floor balcony." And guys I have to tell you I almost freaking screamed in front of the bra section at Macy's. I was that excited. Unfortunately because I had to get a dress a bra and earrings for the party I wasn't able to watch the concert. But I heard it when I was shopping and they sound almost the same live I gotta say. The best part though was when I walked past the auto graph table and one of the guys winked at me when I gawked at him..

But anyway fast forward to the party.
This party was legit like one of the ones you see on MTV it had a chocolate fountain beautiful decorations and a huge dace floor.

Oh and did I forget to mention DADDY YANKEE was there too? If you didn't know already Daddy Yankee is a Latin music super star he is like one of the most famous Puerto Rican musicians ever. And let me say even though almost 1/3 of the songs we danced to were in Spanish I still had a blast I even got to dance with the hottest guy at the party, Twice!

Honestly even though it wasn't my day to celebrate it will certainly be a day to remember.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fashion and Music: The 60's

Hiiii blogggg
 I am ridiculously excited about this new idea i came up with for you all. I am starting this segment on our blog because I feel like alot of fashion is a direct reflection on a subculture or a spirit of a people or a mindset of a single idea that reflects also in music. To me fashion and music are one in the same. So in this segment I am going to post 3 songs under a single theme this (weeks theme is the 60's) and then you guys can vote on the poll I set up and whatever song wins I make a outfit of. The outfit will be based off the style of the followers of the group the group it self the video the lyrics and so on and so forth. simple enough right.Ok so  I chose the 60's, this week because well honestly I am kinda obsessed with the songs of the 60's especially these guys:

I am the Walrus- The Beatles 

The Supremes-  Baby love

The Animals- House of the Rising Sun

I really wish I could have included something more from Motown but I could only do 3 and these are some of my faves from the 60's. PRETTY PLEASE VOTE IN THE POLL AND COMMENT BELOW YOUR CHOICESeriously please vote bc I because I can't do this if I don't get a good amount of voters. The voting ends the 22nd of November. 

OH and if you can't find the Polls its on the side with the followers widget if you want you can follow  me also :D

UPDATE: so the poll doesn't seem to work the next time I post one of these segments I will have it figured out but for now please put your vote in the comments