Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fashion and Music: The 60's

Hiiii blogggg
 I am ridiculously excited about this new idea i came up with for you all. I am starting this segment on our blog because I feel like alot of fashion is a direct reflection on a subculture or a spirit of a people or a mindset of a single idea that reflects also in music. To me fashion and music are one in the same. So in this segment I am going to post 3 songs under a single theme this (weeks theme is the 60's) and then you guys can vote on the poll I set up and whatever song wins I make a outfit of. The outfit will be based off the style of the followers of the group the group it self the video the lyrics and so on and so forth. simple enough right.Ok so  I chose the 60's, this week because well honestly I am kinda obsessed with the songs of the 60's especially these guys:

I am the Walrus- The Beatles 

The Supremes-  Baby love

The Animals- House of the Rising Sun

I really wish I could have included something more from Motown but I could only do 3 and these are some of my faves from the 60's. PRETTY PLEASE VOTE IN THE POLL AND COMMENT BELOW YOUR CHOICESeriously please vote bc I because I can't do this if I don't get a good amount of voters. The voting ends the 22nd of November. 

OH and if you can't find the Polls its on the side with the followers widget if you want you can follow  me also :D

UPDATE: so the poll doesn't seem to work the next time I post one of these segments I will have it figured out but for now please put your vote in the comments


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    1. Thank you I am a bit nervous about this voting poll thing because it seems to be having issues bc ur vote and my vote aren't showing up might be better if we do comments too......

  2. good idea - i voted but it doesn't seem to show up! I chose all three as i feel they all represent different parts of the 60's. The 60's is actually my favourite fashion era and i have a few original vintage dresses that i love to wear.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog! - am following you now x

  3. Lovely post and great idea..just voted :)